The SB20 is rock solid: it is on rubber tiles on a hard wood floor on concrete - so zero motion. Real bike feel. The technological capabilities of the StagesBike SB20 is a bit odd. No high level games or satisfying achievement list, but that is replaced by something else. The shipping should take about 1-2 weeks to arrive normally, though there are a variety of factors that could affect that. Inner leg rub is certainly a problem on many other smart bikes, but it seems that Stages have figured out a method to avoid that issue. Tilt the whole unit forward and it rolls with ease until it's set back down. Two are down low for easy reach on the drops and the other three are up high in a configuration that reminds me of a Campagnolo setup. Stages SB20 weighs around 140-lbs when shipped. The stability and overall design of the SB20 does a good job of making sure that just about any rider will be able to enjoy their workout on this machine. That isn’t exactly a whole lot of material to go off of in terms of specific details about the wheel itself, but what is clear is that they are not wrong. One of the main features of an indoor training bike is it's ability to simulate outdoor riding, and the Stages Bike doesn't fail to deliver. SB20 Stages Cycling Smart Bike Indoor Trainer. The buttons on the drops do the same but I don't use them. STAGES FLIGHT Focused on the holistic indoor cycling studio experience, Stages Flight is where entertainment meets training. It is just the right amount for the workout on the bike to feel natural. Customization Options:The customization of the SB20 is another highlight of the spin bike. If you want to release your shoes from the pedal clips, you need to wait until the flywheel stops turning. My daughter and I own a group strength and cycling class studio and we use Stages SC3 bikes. The pieces that require assembly are the handlebars, saddle and saddle mount, and both horizontal braces with feet. Stages Bike (SB20) In-Depth Review. But we thought that it would be a valid problem that one should be aware of. A long term ride review of the StagesBIKE SB20 (Smart Bike). While the StagesBike SB20 does somewhat make up for this by allowing for the Bluetooth/ANT+ connection with third-party apps like Zwift and the tablet holder where one would expect to find a console, it still feels like there is something missing. 4 Different Modes that can connect through ANT+ or Bluetooth: Simulation Mode, ERG Mode, Level Mode, Manual Mode. Olympic hopeful Erin Huck on indoor cycling and the new StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike. This can make for some extremely effective exercises, as it keeps you on the move the entire workout. At the front of the SB20, it morphs into the bottle holder and bar mounts and, at the rear, it culminates into what resembles a seat tube. Whichever path, Stages have been capturing watts for over a decade and doing it well. Today's best Stages SB20 smart bike deals, Plenty of adjustment allows for a range of fit customisation, Adjustment continues at the back with a simple twist-dial for saddle fore-aft, Power measurement replicates the system used by Stages’ outdoor power meters, Once up and running, the Stages SB20 is a joy to ride, While it weighs over 60kg, the Integrated wheels allow easier movement, Shift buttons are situated on the hoods, while more exist on the drops, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, The Stages SB20 is a stable, solid system that weighs 60kg+, Each time the app connects the selected gear is reset. By far, the best smart bike on the market.” “I’m incredibly happy with the choice I made. The SC3 is essentially a spin bike that can transmit data to Zwift. Meanwhile, the StagesBike SB20 offers the ability that no other Stages bike does: the ability to connect to third party spin bike apps. The open frame design of the StagesBike SB20 is one of the nicest things about it. Unlike all the other bikes on the market, Stages is actually measuring power, not just doing the math on it.”. How does doing inventory take priority over a customer with a DOA defective non-functioning product? Steering? Since that’s not an option, I’m going to have to figure out some spongy material to put under the feet to add give. $2,899.99. Unlike all the other bikes on the market, Stages is … If you are looking for a serious upgrade to your indoor cycling then an indoor-specific bike is a solid option. It is an interactive group display system that allows each rider to work to their optimal training level individually while in a group environment. In the past, a race might have attracted 30 people. Just below the phone platform is the handlebar mount. Stages Cycling StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike. With the participation comes buying power, innovation, and competition. SB20 Smart Bike by Stages Cycling. The warranties of all of the Stages bikes are unquestionably generous. The attention to specs is incredible.”, “Your indoor cycling bike reviews and recumbent bike reviews are so helpful. * Similar to the durability, this spin bike will hold you steady even under the most intense workouts possible. There's no drivetrain noise and it doesn't move at all. It might not have the console that you would expect on a standard smart bike, but the SB20 most certainly makes up for it in the variety of other features that it offers its riders. Das SB20 Smart Bike wurde gemeinsam von Stages Indoor und Outdoor Experten designt und mit einem robusten Rahmen, unübertrefflichen Eigenschaften in Sachen Stabilität und Langlebigkeit sowie zahlreichen Features für ein revolutionäres Fahrerlebnis ausgestattet. The main part of the structure is a single solid piece. Sign up to the Cyclingnews Newsletter. My indoor riding happens in a very small laundry room with just enough space for a bike. The Stages Bike ships to you partially assembled. There is no difficulty getting of the bike, just stop pedalling and step off. Level mode is “an arbitrary way to control resistance, meaning the device connected to the StagesBike can ask for the full range of resistance available.” You don’t often hear companies describing one of their features as arbitrary, so this was a surprise. Designed by the indoor cycling experts with a fitness studio-quality Stages Indoor cycling frame for unsurpassed stability and durability, and a quiet, maintenance-free Gates Carbon belt drive for countless miles of trouble-free indoor riding. The resistance system on this bike is what makes it a “Smart Indoor Bike”. The phone holder is an integrated piece so it's there even if you think you might not use it - but you will, and it's a beautiful thing to have your phone so easily accessible while riding. Even when it is connected to the Zwift app, there is no way to find out exactly what sort of gear change is happening. There was no chance I was getting the assembled unit down the stairs into the laundry room.