Flowing for over 300 miles from its headwaters at Alturas, California, to the Sacramento River at Shasta Lake, the Pit River is one of the longest rivers in northern California. The Fishing: The Upper Pitt River is a gem partly due to it’s 100% Catch and Release program. Once you get in place to fish a nice piece of water, it's rare to not find fish! You can use a variety of fishing techniques to target fish in the Lower Pitt River. 3 Powerhouse. Pit River Fly Fishing Guides - Burney, Redding, Cassel, Pit River Sections 1, 3, 4 & 5. Pitt River Fishing – Wilderness Fly Fishing at its Best A short drive from Vancouver and then just a quick boat ride; there lies a watershed that has hardly felt the influence of modern society. 0 trout (B) From Pit No. This reach is open during General Trout Season and fishes best during the cooler months early in the season and again in the fall. There is a minimum flow of 280 cfs on Pit 3 from September through November, but otherwise its higher. Photo by Chris Shaffer Pit #1 is commonly accessed and fished using inflatable fishing rafts. Trout Fishing the Pit River Stretching from Lake Britton to Lake Shasta, the Pit has dozens of miles of great trout water for every type of angling experience. These techniques are very similar to what you would use in the Tidal Fraser River. The river channel gets wider here, but flows are also much higher on each of these sections – some water may be inaccessible to wade fishing. Due to the tailwater properties of these sections, fertile water supports a rich and diverse insect population, chec... Find Local Fishing … However, most of the good fishing is in the 30 miles of canyon below the lake, which is where we'll focus. This unique section of the Pit offers a fun experience for adventurous anglers and there are two different beats for floating. Character The Pit is divided into an upper and lower section by Lake Britton. Amenities include: two single wheelchair accessible restrooms, a kayak launch ramp, and an accessible fishing pier. Turn left and go downhill 1.8 miles to the town of Big Bend. The Pit River is a very remote stream and you don't have to deal with the same things (crowds) you deal with fishing most other northern California trout streams. The Squamish River empties into the Pacific waters of Howe Sound near the town of Squamish. If you want to work for your catch, the Pit River should be on your list. The Pit 3, 4, 5 license was issued in 2007. This river is an excellent place to learn various nymphing techniques, including indicator and indicatorless techniques. Most of the time we fish with nymphs on the Pit. The “catch” is that it’s not a particularly easy river to wade fish and certainly – is not a river for everyone. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Flows bottom out around 300cfs in the fall, which means the … During the salmon fishing season, casting spoons and spinners is also a good method for coho and pink salmon. The Pit River is the longest river in California and the biggest tributary source (by volume, including the McCloud arm) for the Sacramento River system and Lake Shasta. Cost of a full day Pit River guided trip is: $500 per day (1 to 2 anglers per guide $550 per day package (all inclusive package with flies tackle and gear provided) Inclusions Included in your guided trip on the Pit River are 8+ hours of guided fishing and instruction with lunch provided) Package Deal The fish will be spread out and holding in water where you would expect them to be holding. Hat Creek is the first place on this list that anglers need to target. We offer guided fishing trips for sea run bull trout, steelhead, all five species of salmon, cutthroat trout and more. The Pit is extremely nutrient rich hosting a smorgasbord of aquatic and terrestrial insects, crawdads, and small forage fish. The Pit River is the longest river in California and the biggest tributary source (by volume, including the McCloud arm) for the Sacramento River system and Lake Shasta. Please visit our Burney Info Page for ideas on lodging, logistics, and other activities in the area. The Pit River is a well-known trout stream in northern California and is a popular destination for fishing. The steady flows and water temperatures characteristic of tailwater, together with a high pH, create ideal conditions for insect life and large trout. Flows bottom out around 300cfs in the fall, which means the river flows very fast year round. In the pool above the 20' slide waterfalls, the eddy circles clockwise, trying to move you right, but work left and try to enter dead center. PIT RIVER GUIDED FLY FISHING TRIPS The Pit has earned the reputation as being one of the tougher rivers in California to wade—a classic “risk vs reward” river. Bottom fishing with bait can be productive for all species. Hat Creek, Fall River, Pit River, the McCloud, Burney Creek and the Lower Sacramento are all easily accessible each day. Pitt River Lodge is your opportunity to experience world class fishing and wildlife at Vancouver's doorstep. In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. One reason for the excellent fishing is the physical difficulty involved in fishing the Pit. Full of fish, the river is home to rainbow trout, sculpin, hardhead, Sacramento suckers, speckled dace and Sacramento pikeminnow. The best time to fish the Pit River is in the spring and summer. Confluence Outfitters operates under permit from the Shasta/Trinity National Forest on a non-discriminatory basis. After 13.4 miles on this road, turn left on Pit 5 Powerhouse Road. Where else does that happen in California on such a productive wild trout river?! This reach is open to fishing all year around with special regs. Wading staffs are absolutely necessary on all reaches of the Pit River. Fly fishing the Pit River below Lake Britton dam provides the … 1. a flowing together of two or more streams or rivers The river picks up volume and gains additional flows from the Fall River Valley and spring fed waters of Hat Creek among others. While the wading and access may be difficult, this powerhouse of a trout stream is jam packed with plump, wild rainbow trout. Near the river bridge is a dirt road descending to a large parking area with gravel boat ramp at the downstream end. Having a knowledgeable guide at your side, along with some tenacity, will make the difference between loving the Pit River and simply living through it. Pit Falls, class V- on left, class V center, IV on right (recommended) Among grassy islands on river right, you float to the top of the ledge. Although it has a reputation for being unforgiving due to challenging wading conditions it can be a very enjoyable and rewarding spot to fish with year round potential. 2. a coming together of people or things. I found this document which gives a summary of the license. We walk n wade along the shoreline of productive runs that are filled with very aggressive sea-run Dolly Varden and Bull Trout that average 2-4 lbs but do reach weights over 10 lbs. Some of our Pit River fly fishing trips are conducted on public lands administered by the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Fishing in BC is as diverse as the huge number of lakes and rivers themselves. Description: The 207 mile Pit River flows northeast of Redding, originating in the Modoc National Forest and crossing the Cascade Range before emptying into Shasta Lake by way of Montgomery Creek. The Pit 1 reach is the upper section that flows past the Pit 1 Powerhouse and eventually enters Lake Britton many miles down river.