Bentley is up and about exploring his new home. Our goal is to get your pet to you safely, efficiently and with as little stress for you and your pet as possible. We are grateful for your efforts in caring and transporting Jonny-boy. Pet Express Transport Service, LLC is a fully accredited private door to door ground transport company. } Aside from being able to make frequent stops, there are multiple benefits to ground transportation when it comes to moving your pet. Your advice was critical to the well being of Lassie & Timber our Collies. How do I find a Ground Transporter for my shipment? I had to take time out to share my amazing experience with Petvanlines. margin-bottom:15px; We could never have accomplished this without your help. We make the trip in … Pet ground transportation companies boast that the delivery time is usually 1 to 4 days. I am at peace, my Pebbles is home with her mommy. We want you to know that we will tell our friends about Petvanlines and how professional you are. $(".simply-scroll-clip").height(500+"px"); Ground Travel. .simply-scroll-clip { All this was made possible by you and the kind, efficient staff at Petvanlines. Jessie, you have a good soul and everyone who has to have their pet transported should come to you. $(".simply-scroll-clip").height(500+"px"); Harold, was wonderful he helped with my paperwork and his team Jay and Tony was wonderful. We offer Nationwide ground pet transport. Why?, because of Harold. You can choose between Private Ride or a Shared Ride. He just couldn’t be replaced. I can’t thank you enough for basically starting and completing the process to get Miracle cross country to me. Nationwide Pet Transport offers door to door ground-based transportation for your family pets (dogs, cats, birds, and more) within the 48 contiguous States and Alaska. Blue Collar Pet Transport has been helping owners transport their dogs and cats since 2019. All of our vans are equipped with sanitized kennels & bottled water. Thank you Jessie and Tony for caring for my cat. } (If you experience any problems with this search, please try a different browser such as Firefox). This cat belonged to my mom before she passed on and so she means a lot to me. Our passengers are walked or attended to every 4 hours or according to owner's instructions. IPATA is neither liable nor responsible for the performance or accuracy of information supplied by its members. You were so right we had nothing to be worried about. A Pet Shipping Company That Gets It Tailored pet shipping with high standards and consistent protocol. We understand that relocating can be difficult for animals, so we go out of our way to make their journey smooth and stress-free. margin: 0; They handle every part of your precious pet’s journey, from customs clearance to transport between your home and the airport. I had to leave Chloe behind with my friend Penny in order to move and take care of renovations before could settle in. He’s been with me since he was a pup and he’s a member of my family. As a general rule, the people that work in the pet ground transport industry aren’t ferrying lifeless bags from one place to another but genuinely care about animals and especially their precious cargo when on an assignment. What if there is no agent listed or the ones listed don't help or provide the services I need? For example, if you chose to put your pet on an airplane, you might face some complications. We will take the worries of your pet’s safety off of your shoulders and ensure that they will have a stress-free trip to your new home. Mr. Tims now has a girlfriend and her name is Frisky because she is frisky. Lesley and Alley wanted to say a big, big thank you for getting their dog Mac to them yesterday. Private Transport; Door-to-Door Service; Especially helpful if pet is going from/to rural areas with limited airports; Large breed dogs accepted; Can be less expensive, especially for a multi pet family; Why Use Happy Tails Travel for Long-Distance Ground Transport. Please check another location or search by a different airport code. Long or short excursions, your pet will appreciate every part of … Cats can take comfort in their safe and roomy spaces, without worrying about being in a stressful environment. Today Cirus is healthy and happy and I want to say well done Harold – Tish, you did a great job. We stop every few hours to give pups water/food and change pads. scrollHeight = $(".rightcol").height() - $(".simply-scroll-clip").height(); How are you doing? Tonya and Jessie you are patient and caring. Five hours of free web development services. If you have been contacted by a company claiming to be IPATA please visit our pet scams page for reporting. We thought long and hard about who would handle Bentley’s move because this dog is family and so we were careful in choosing you. I was so worried about her but you made yourself accessible taking my phone calls and answering my emails. list-style: none; Ground Transport Services Our PetConomy Air Service is similar to a “carpool” for pets consisting of air and ground transportation. We are USDA licensed, inspected and insured. setslider(); customClass: 'vert', BCPT strives to have your pet′s move be as safe, comfortable and stress-free as possible. IPATA pet shippers are dedicated to the safe and humane transport of your pet. I promised my mom that I would love her as much as she loved her. Tilehurst, RG $59; Flame. position: relative; I can’t praise you enough and as a family we are happy that we hired you to help arrange for Chelsea’s travel plans. }*/ //width: 100%; We were given the names of three pet movers but, after speaking to a representative from all three we chose Petvanlines. Taylor and I think you are one in a million. Pet Van Lines’ ground transportation will ensure the safety of your beloved pets as they make their way to your next home. At RT 62 Pet Transport we offer ground transportation services for the east coast from Maine all the way down through the Carolina's. I want to thank you for the care and professionalism you displayed both in the preparation and execution of having Blue and Jade relocated. Thanks a lot. Looking for the best pet ground transport reviews? You are likely on a tight schedule that you have little control over, and you need everything to move as smoothly as possible. Every animal deserves to have a chance at a forever home, which is why we devote ourselves to transporting rescue cats and dogs. padding: 0; { With ground door to door transportation, Pet Van Lines has no breed restrictions and will control the climate in the SUVs and minivans appropriately. I received Miracle safe and sound. I must say that your level of service is extraordinary. { Would you like us to make it even better FOR FREE? -------------------------------------------------------------------. If you want your pet moved safely and securely you want to use 4Paws on Wheels pet delivery services . I am thankful that my dogs arrived safely. auto: true, Use the checkbox to bring up ALL members who provide Ground Transportation (no matter what their location). Royal Paws focuses on private, ground transportation throughout the country for your cat or dog. overflow: hidden; I want you to know that Meeko has settled in and she is doing very well. Our specialty is handling the complete travel needs of your pets, wherever and whenever the need arises. else This is Celene who you helped with Cirus my labrador. Cromwell Hayworth San Francisco, CA to Cleveland, OH, Petvanlines, I just want to reach out to your company to let you know that my move with my pets was made possible because of you and the wonderful work that you do. However, when I called and spoke to you Harold, you answered all my questions and so I made the decision that Cirus would travel. She had been through a lot when I adopted her and I made a promise to her that I would l do my best to make her life a happy one. PET TRANSPORT. Though we will transport almost any kind of domestic animal, we specialize in transporting cats and dogs. My husband and I are eternally grateful to you and the Petvanlines team for making this all possible. Our professional staff is also well-educated on the health and behaviors that often come with rescue cats and dogs. You kept us updated every step of the way and we really appreciated that. Group transports have a limit of 4 pets/crates per mini van. They adjusted quickly and are enjoying their new home. Pet Ground Transportation Pet Pros Services Pet Transportation is a distinctive pet ground transport firm supplying private door to door transport for puppies, dogs, cats and other animals everywhere across the U.S. and in and outside of Canada. I was somewhat anxious about our move but the assurance from you that you would care for Chelsea as your own eased my anxiety. I felt overwhelmed until I made connect with you. We are a Class T carrier with the USDA. We had to leave Jonny-boy behind during our move from Orange, CA to Nashville, TN. Pet shipping companies don’t own airplanes, and while some of them own vans and trucks for ground transport, they typically ship pets long distance using commercial airlines. I must say that you exceeded my expectations in how you handled the process from start to finish. }. We transport pets by road throughout Europe in our customised, Defra-authorised vehicles; and arrange air freight throughout the world. Find me on [entry_title] => Contact Pet Movers [entry_permalink] => [feedback_id] => bcb2e22894a92d658e265dec1a1c95f7 ), Copyright © 2020 - Pet Van Lines: Luxury Pet Mover Services - All Rights Reserved. 41,000+ SERVICE PROVIDERS . list-style:none; What are you shipping? Nationwide Pet Transport Service Schedules for Quick Delivery Door to Door; Schedule Quick Delivery for Pet Transportation for your precious family pets. If there isn't an agent listed or the one listed cannot help or doesn't provide the services you need, then you may wish to look for "pet shippers that can provide both air and ground transportation services", function setslider() Melissa, Josh & Corey Lakeland, CO to Boston, MA. You literally took the stress out of the relocation process. Our pet ground transportation service includes stops along the way – including “comfort stops” every four hours. Precious Pets Transport, LLC is a USDA Licensed Professional Pet Delivery Service and we would like to offer your pets a safe, comfortable pet transport in one of our climate controlled vehicles. Thanks for loving animals enough to be in the business that you are. Because we travel by ground, we have the opportunity to make frequent stops. I was overwhelmed but with your knowledge and caring attitude I was guided through the process. We offer a safe, personal way to transport newly adopted puppy(ies) (or dog) to the excited pup parents. TYPE OF RIDE. You took hold of the reigns and you covered every detail in having Ollie moved across country to Pennsylvania. Providing a calm environmentduring the pet transport service, our drivers will ease the tension and stress that these pets might be feeling. I was looking for a pet moving company to transport Grey, my cat and my friend Carol recommended Petvanlines. Moving family pets safely since 2001. Would you like us to make it even better FOR FREE? You guys are all great and you should be proud of yourselves. While in transit, your pets ride in a separate area of the cargo hold that is designed for transporting animals. Your professionalism was evident and the care you showed to Pearl and Paris was heart-warming and we are certain that we made the right choice with Petvanlines. $(window).load(function() { Your suggestions were a breath of fresh air because I had no idea how to go about getting Mac from point a to point b, you made it all come together. We transport over 4,000 pets each year. We didn’t understand so much the paperwork but, our new found friend Harold took us through it all with ease and he kept us informed every step of the way. I really appreciate all your efforts. For longer trips, pet ground transport may be preferable to air transport. $(".conferenceSlider").simplyScroll({ My family and I were terribly worried about our move to California but with your care not only for me but, also for Hobo our cat you set our mind completely at ease. Watford, WD. You were right in telling me not to worry about anything. Got the dogs safe and sound across country to me. Our pet transportation specialists have provided animal ground transportation for more than 1000 pets since the inception of 4Paws On Wheels in 2007. I needed you and you came through for me. We train all of our drivers to handle your pets with love, compassion, and skill so that your pets arrive happy … Home Read More » He almost died two years ago which scared the pants off me. Pet Van Lines is proud to serve pet owners and rescue shelters across the nation. Pet Ground Transport. |, Q&A Time – Traveling to Florida with Your Dog, Pet List – 10 Ideas & Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice, Dogs and Cats – 5 Ways to Relocate Them Without Regrets, How to Ship a Cat – 3 Steps to the Purrfect Kitty Ride, Puppy Shipping Made Easy – 5 Tips to Help You Get It Right. Thanks so very, very much Harold & Jay. speed: 3, Thank you Tony & Jay and the team at Petvanlines. } Additionally, they will make sure that the drive conditions best suit the health of the animal. Because of this, there are times of the year when certain breeds cannot fly. Cheers Ida McConnell San Antonio, TX to Hilton Head, SC. Our safe method of Ground Pet Transporting provides for your pets every need. Of course we also handle domestic relocations as well. .conferenceSlider li{ position: relative; The Benefits of Ground Pet Transportation. I was so happy to see her. Thanks to you Chloe and I are reunited and it’s all due to you being there from the beginning of the process to me receiving Chloe. International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. 2. We simply had no regrets. //setslider(); Royal Paws® Pet Transportation is an exclusive pet ground transport company providing private door to door transportation for dogs and puppies everywhere throughout the U.S. and in and out of Canada. margin: 0; How do I find a Ground Transporter for my shipment? Taylor and I haven’t forgotten you, we couldn’t after all the effort you made in relocating Mr. Tims our cat for us. I watched and smiled as you stroked her and spoke to her. Thank you for your support Harold, with suggestions, paperwork, updates. Animals are most often put in the cargo compartment of an airplane, which can be very loud and is not climate controlled. My daughter Alaina, she’s five says I am to give you a big hug for her because Ginger is home. Every week, we send vans going East and West and airplanes that will depart from one of our Pet Care Centers or airports to deliver pets to their designated location. Alaina, Kim & Ginger Naples, FL To Austin, TX, You have a nice website. For example, if you chose to put your pet on an airplane, you might face some complications. Jack and I have been together for some time and he means a lot to me. Samson is 14 years old and has been my companion for a long time before I got Rocky five years ago. Get Real Pet Transport Cost with uShip. The transport of Charlie, our cat was a success. Nationwide Pet Transport is USDA Licensed and Insured. It’s obvious you guys heart is in the job that you do.