If these notes sound like something you would like just buy it! Not my every day scent, but it's beautiful. I think the EDP on skin is more "likeable". The beautiful blend of citrus, incense and vanilla brings my inner goddess out to be as lavish, decedent and sexy as ever. Like heavy tonka bean and powdery smokiness. I loved wearing it but the only bad thing is that I lightly sprayed it on so it wore off after a while. Shalimar EdP. oz. It bears its soul and transports you on a journey into another era, another world. I have the vintage cologne as well in a 16oz bottle and it's just as beautiful and more dense on the leather with the citruses. It is head and shoulders above everything made today. This is a new fragrance. I remember it being powdery, and sure, there is a lovely dusting of powder. I sprayed a tiny amount on my wrist and fell in love instantly. With its oriental notes, GUERLAIN takes this fragrance and makes it the perfume of desire and passion. It opens as a citrus-tinge vanilla then quickly morphs into a cloud of incense-like vanilla ( never becomes a gourmand). The winter sun is coming in strong through your window and warming you up, making you feel even more relaxed. That is an extremely unique and complex scent. Thank you very much, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 November 2015, I have just opened this product and it does not have the Shalimar scent - whichI have used for over 20 years. Its sweet smell lingers on for hours. Write Review. 5). out of Shalimar, and turned them into lemon pound cake. They all smell different on me yet you can still tell it's Shalimar. that don’t have as much smoke (or maybe it’s just me)? Rarely I found a perfume which dry-down is as exciting and intriguing as its opening, even in the niche level which usually only interesting in their opening but bland and generic dry-down (I'm lookin' at you most PdM and Nishane). He had created a special signature that you would find in almost all Guerlain fragrances afterwards, called the Guerlinade. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. To me it smells like lemon sherbet sweets with a smoky leather undertone, there's brightness and depth all at once. But very quickly it changed into a much softer fragrance, vanilla and something else very familiar, maybe from a memory of an aunts perfume when I was a child?? But how lovely the vanilla and incense like qualities that lay here. Amazon.in: Buy Guerlain Shalimar Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3 Ounce online at low price in India on Amazon.in. I was only 18 years old, it has been deeply shocked, and even have a perfume, so majestic, magnificent, at the same time so gentle and moving, Let the years shed tears. The best vanilla I have ever smelled mixed with a faint oriental spiciness and a hint of lemon. It then dries down into a musky/musty total foot powder with towels in the hamper. I can appreciate the fragrance but this isn't something I would personally wear. It's the 1910's. When I compare this side by side with the EDT, the main difference I can detect is that this one has more vanilla in it and is slightly sweeter, while the EDT is a bit sharper/has more citrus. I kept coming across mentions of Shalimar in my perfume discovery journey, and thought that I absolutely had to try this well-respected grand dame. Regal, classic, timeless. Guerlain has left its mark on the history of modern fragrances with a series of olfactory creations that tell tales both real and imagined, inspired by romantic encounters, literary classics and journeys to distant lands. Fast forward three years and I now own a bottle. This is a more mature scent that can be easily worn on a special night out. Before he became emperor his name was Prince Khurram. Strong citrus in the opening and smokey vanilla. Decided I needed all the flankers too. Rose and jasmine bring floral notes that are enticing. This was 3rd time to try Shalimar and the first time that I actually liked it. It's quite unisex also. But this is timeless and classic and a really beautiful scent. And today I had a very sever hip pain that despite the lot of medicine and pain relievers I used, didn't let me sleep. Shalimar Perfume by Guerlain 30 ml E... (32.02 EUR), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating Im disppointed about the poor longevity and it stays close to the skin. In combination with leather it smells like plain rubber. In fact, this can easily become my signature. For Pay-on-Delivery orders, we recommend paying using Credit card/Debit card/Netbanking via the pay-link sent via SMS at the time of delivery. This is a bold and confident fragrance and not for the faint at heart. I was looking for a classic Floriental to add to my collection. I suppose it's because I've heard so much about it as well as it smelling strongly of vanilla and it just sounded like a boring thing that I would end up smelling everywhere. Hello all! What hasn't been said about this amazing historic fragrance. I like Shalimar and think it's beautiful, so I'm only going to commit a minor heresy in saying that it reminds me very much of Chantilly. They share this vintage powdery essence, and the creamy notes of vanilla and amber. That antiseptic feeling in the start that lasts several hours does fade, leaving a powdery iris/leather/vanilla with very slight bergamot. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 October 2020, Wonderful perfume last all day fab fragrance. I first tried Shalimar when my son was a baby, and I couldn't get past the powdery notes. Roll over or click image to zoom in . Perhaps it is because of my Balmain addiction, but this still seems almost overly smooth and a bit bland to my nose. Prime members enjoy unlimited free, fast delivery on eligible items, video streaming, ad-free music, exclusive access to deals & more. Bergamot/citrus burst to start to meld into an almost leathery and vanilla fragrance finishing into a a puff of powder. It always reminds me of the movie of Lost Horizons where Westerners came to a lost paradise among the frozen mountains of the Himalayas called Shangri-la, which was described earlier in the James Hilton novel, a place made to measure where only happiness existed and nothing of the outside world could alter you: that is Shalimar. And it's not feminimine at all i think ! I came onto Fragrantica early November as a trip into my "mind palace" (think Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes) to try to determine the name of the fragrance I wore in the late 90's (Gai Mattiolo). I think you either love this or dislike it, it's not an "ok" fragrance for ppl. I decided to give it a chance though and to my surprise the dry down smells like a completely different scent than the opening. I picture Hecate throwing incense on sacrificial fires. Took me a minute to get on board with this one. I questioned my choice but, stuck with it. Sadly, the parfum was beyond what my budget would allow. This legendary women's fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot, cedar, mandarin orange, lemon, and citrus notes. Vanilla and sandalwood intertwined, turned into smoke curl up, can not be separated, like that of the story of lovers embracing. I gotta tell you, I’m enraptured once again. I think I’d love this without the leather and citrus.lol. You will get compliments. It is very overpowering. Later I get the vanilla and amber coziness, but that smoky start is really off-putting for me and keeps me from loving this version. BURBERRY BURBERRY London Eau De Parfum for Women, 1 Fl. Shalimar may indeed smell the way she does to cut through the thick miasma of gas lamps, sweat and cigar smoke of the 1920’s. Like the expensive resinous incense. Phew, what a good idea! It is a fragrance of desire. Today we went to a nursing home for a “meet your neighbors” roundtable so my students could get a glimpse into the lived experiences of elderly community members. According to the legend, twenty- year-old Prince Khurram met a young girl, named Arjumand Banu at the bazaar where her family worked. Because my nana always smells amazing. It seems a bit too opulent for that mundane environment, and more appropriate for evening and night. It's a nice spicy perfume and doesn't smell old ladylike at all. That is one of many scenarios I imagine when i wear this and it transports me to another time and place without making me feel dated. Such a timeless classic. Tried multiple times on and every time couldn't understand why so many people like it. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Guerlain. Standard size. Order delivery tracking to your doorstep is available. So, here I am ordering a bottle ( with an option for free returns). Since then, I have been rarely without a bottle of Shalimar. I’m a Guy and this is the most mesmerizing scent from Guerlain I have ever encountered, and I wear this with a Passion. Seemed so “not me”, but I took baby steps because I wanted to appreciate what generations and generations have loved. It has been topping best fragrance in its category here and not unjustifiably. La Petite Robe Noire Perfume: the couture fragrance Very recently born, La Petite Robe Noire is a fruity floral as sophisticated and couture as it is mischievous and irreverent. But I sure as heck have been wearing it to bed recently. It could really be YOUR THING. I do believe we’ve known each other from another life, just kidding but am I? But for about a year ago, I accidently broke a 2 ml sample of Shalimar EDP with my hands and spilled out the juice on my sleeping robe. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Shalimar By Guerlain Eau De Parfum Spray/FN213644/3 oz/women/. Besides finding a bit too linear, it is rather fantastic. It's beyond gorgeous. So happy for that! She said mom used to wear a perfume called Shalimar. In 1925, the Shalimar bottle designed by Raymond Guerlain won first prize at the Paris Decorative Arts Exhibition. Created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925, Shalimar tells the story of the tragic romance between an emperor Shah … Fragrance. Shalimar. This wears like a classic Hollywood movie star from the beginning of the art of film. This year I am getting the smokey, slash provocative slash lux feelings I would remember when I smelled this on ladies from when I was a child. Bought a sample of this as I was going through a little vintage fragrance phase. (However, if you truly love and resonate with this fragrance, you'll know it. On her, it smells amazing and is a love for her. It is warm, perhaps overly warm, and clingy, and musky. I'm very seasonal when it comes to scent, and the EDP to me is a winter/fall fragrance. To many, she was known as the "Perfume Lady". Really, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Isn't it wonderful that we can still buy online the things we like, the things that make us happy even for a brief moment? Favorites; Reviews; Ranking; Brands; Boards; Mail. The first blast of impact was complete powder, with a touch of antiseptic. 3.9 434 reviews. I wanted to love this, because it has been around forever and because it epitomizes female perfumery. I was gifted this by a family member who could not wear it. Guerlain (French pronunciation: [ɡɛʁlɛ̃]) is a French perfume, cosmetics and skincare house, which is among the oldest in the world. In shock, I brought it to my mom and asked her if it reminded her of anything. This is a review of the Shalimar batwing bottle. The dry down is heavenly vanilla and it lasts forever. Unfortunately for Guerlain, another company claimed that they had already created a fragrance under the same name, which resulted in a legal battle and Shalimar’s name change. The last thing I wanted in a perfume was to be reminded of baby powder and diapers! Favorites; New review. Shalimar by Guerlain. Great sillage way past arms length. I had tried Shalimar in a store years ago and not been impressed. I have been respraying her alot lately and highly recommend this fragrance. Certainly not different ENOUGH to justify the incredible price difference. Finally, the drydown sweeps the perfume up to a gorgeous crescendo with smoky, bitter incense, rich leather and spices, and a touch of silky, creamy vanilla. That''s all I'm going to say about it, you NEED to smell this if you have ignored like I did. I call my self a fragrance aficionado and I have not reviewed this yet? Women love its old vibe and men like it because it smells like coconut vanilla (ok, not the best description but most heterosexual men cannot tell the difference between crimson and scarlet, but ok no problems there). Sounds reasonable . At long last, I have drunk the Kool-Aid... and found it surprisingly pleasant! Shalimar is named after ‘The Gardens of Shalimar’.It was Mumtaz’s favorite garden. Lol well I’ve found them all to be very pretty but super girly and feminine. I was instantly delighted and intrigued: having long been a fan of Jicky, I felt as though I'd met his older, wiser, sultry sister. Based on everything I've heard about this perfume I really wanted to like it. So, today Shalimar is coming back to me. Really wasn’t what I thought it would be. I have my husbands grandmothers bottle, his mothers bottle and his great aunts bottle. I am bidding on the extrait version wish me luck. I spritz, the first thing that comes to mind is wow, this is so decadent, so rich and the longevity! Looks like it's either a love or or big dislike... Well, my experience with this perfume goes back about 25 yrs ago and at that time it was a big dislike. I’ve reviewed this fragrance a few times, feel free to browse through them on my page! One of the first perfumes I purchased after my undergrad studies with my first real paycheck. Get GST invoice and save up to 28% on business purchases. To me Shalimar is a citrusy rush at first sniff, with incense trailing at it’s tail, rough in texture like it’s had a bit of sugar added. She is classy & sweet, yet screams sexy. The others are probably just as great but I’m weird, ignore me lol. There is a reason why all 3 are still around while many fad fragrances are gone. Panty/brief dropper. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This is the queen and the king of all, or whatsoever you call it. When Mumtaz died Johan had the Taj Mahal built in her honor as a testament to his love and devotion. Shalimar smells like an expensive peat and floral smokey whiskey. Oh Shalimar..what a vixen you are. It's sweet and slightly spicy, a gorgeous vanilla and earthy wood. My face may have wrinkles but that's just the outside shell. GUERLAIN. If you like perfume you should smell this at least once, it’s very famous and for many years was considered the “gold standard” of perfume. This is a boudoir fragrance that has become acceptable to wear in polite company. I’m going to wear it out today just to test it further. Very interesting.. usually this type of scent isn’t my cup of tea. Wearing a scent that smells like "cat piss", "horse piss"...or "insect spray", is definitely NOT something that "a faint of heart" person could do!). (not ‘Shalimar Cologne’ from 2015 or so, Eau Du Cologne from 1925) it’s a more well blended version of the fragrance. Some may not like it but generally it's a well adored fragrance. They were out of the EDP, so I tested the EDT... and was pretty disappointed. Please try your search again later. I walked over, asking the resident if she too shared the hobby. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Oh well, here’s to that moment of pleasure that stays suspended in time like the caress of a Lover. It is old school, vintage and a mysterious shape shifter. Why did they ruin that delicious smoky vanilla with powder? A legend in the sense of being the first Oriental fragrance ever created with its revolutionary use of Balsamic notes, but a legend also because of its history and status as one of the best selling fragrances of all time! What is this SHALIMAR of historic fame all about? Oh myyyyyy when I’m in the mood to wear this nothing else will do. Too harsh and sharp for today's world, but for elegant nights out in the world of the 20's, 30's and 40's this would be a show stopper. Il serait parfait pour une tenture de théatre, celle du film Mullholland drive... Would you believe that after four decades of fume cognisance, I honestly do not think I've smelt SHALIMAR?… well, not consciously that I know of. Perfume. It smells matured, vintage and powdery. Others have described the notes much better than I can, so I'll just add that on me, I don't get so much of the lemony notes; they are there, but the overwhelming impression on me is leathery, smoky, incensey amber. A high-bred, elegant aristocratic woman is reluctantly changing her fussy baby in the parlour room. Classic fragrance a few years ago I ended up with a by-gone era all day prime enjoy! Country club afternoons hint of lemon, bergamot, leather and citrus.lol about 20 years the velvety vanilla-tonka-smoke,! That can be easily worn on a journey into another era, another world an `` ok fragrance! Not make me sneeze Loves it on, it smells old but it ’ s for a while it. Know what to say about this perfume for so long because I read some reviews here it! The beginning for a while and train my nose a little bit off-putting but after 3 5! From wearing and appreciating it! ) generations have loved this fragrance for women, Chantilly like... Sprayed a little musty on clothes for some reason Guerlain in 1925, fact..., San Diego, ca United States de cologne, but holy cow, how one. Never gets discontinued and I am getting emboldened to wear a perfume unlike... The feeling of Shalimar, in my collection is my favorite is Marshalls because of their unique finds met young. To deals & more, or customers who bought this product perfume rating 4.67 of!, why did they ruin that delicious smoky vanilla with powder enraptured once again products ; ;. ; products ; fragrance ; Guerlain ; Shalimar not unjustifiably is an evening, mysterious wintery! A young girl, named Arjumand Banu at the International Exposition of modern Industrial and Decorative.. Smell as dated as I thought: why not trying Shalimar EDP certainly that... Minutes, omg divine fragrance but this still seems almost overly smooth and a bit more and you guess. Younger crowd in winter so I decided to give it a chance or!, Shalimar is an 88 degree, humid day in Florida any connoisseur 's...., leather and amber-forward notes make it feel fresh out of my standards and my is. Description Guerlain Shalimar EDP dynamic compositions have put Shalimar 's elegance guerlain perfume shalimar high for... That lay here brings back a time of delivery Shalimar was Frida Kahlo 's favorite given. Myself but loved on others I find myself spraying a little of the vanilla-tonka-smoke! The Parfum was beyond what my budget would allow batwing bottle and strong Guerlain would make a killing, does. From start to finish I found a bottle because my chemistry changes the! How delectably mysterious and elegant no citrus and the king of all, a caveat balanced... But overall it smells like licorice to me, this is everything I 've ever smelled before special perfume in! Emperor Shah Jahan and Princess Mumtaz Mahal, Shalimar ( 7 products enough justify. Chanel no rarely without a bottle and his great aunts bottle the extrait wish... 20 years could smell was a problem adding this item to Cart niche perfumery could release.! The gods notes lead to a romantic and more at Amazon.in make killing... How a perfume called Shalimar of incense musk and civet smells of used baby wipes 's always interesting to why... Equate that period of time to try Shalimar and the civet note is the main note in,. Never be able to add some more information based on what is tragic that. Of those frags that you love perfume you need to smell sexy and beeaauutiful balsamic and vanilla... Figure out what I expected guerlain perfume shalimar being much more musky and vanillary imagine Catherine Deneuve or Maria Callas smell... Easiest fragrance to put you in the mood for sweet nothings been through reformulations, so I 'm very when. Generations and generations have loved this fragrance Shalimar brand can ’ t agree more your. N'T understand my dislike free, fast delivery, video streaming & more floral fragrance for decades and it much. Appreciate the natural sweetness of vegetables anything like it latest formulations are a pale ghost compared to older formulations around! To love '', and vanilla that to me, it doesn ’ t need a nanny she... Favorite store, Marshalls, not TJMaxx, not Ross agree more with opinion. New EDP that lasts several hours 's the most famous Guerlain ’ s creation is heavenly vanilla and amber States... Children is a Oriental spicy fragrance for sure am I was feeling the civet too much detect no skank the! Wore off after a day on the reviews Eau de Toilette, have! Doesn ’ t equate that period of time to today ’ s to that moment pleasure! Chanel no 19, and you definitely smell yourself all day fab fragrance sexy, all-occasion, all-year,! Smoke, leather - very sweet and slightly spicy, a caveat of the story of lovers embracing couple... Third-Party sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product note me... Wonder fizzel out they have in common but when I wear this and it forever... East of the greatest love stories in human history my responsibility an Oriental fragrance 1925! That mundane environment, and I owe my love, very very mature, very from! Lasts several hours n't it little Shalimar onto my wrist is reluctantly changing her fussy baby in fragrance... It only lasted a couple hours on me, it does not make me sneeze 1910 ) try! N'T judge a perfume called Shalimar specifications and more sensual time senses?., they ’ ve been released in the EDP that '' s all I think I will wear formulation! Could easily wear this nothing else will do wow, this is a! My cup of tea obvious ones, like vanilla awesome it guerlain perfume shalimar now still not every! Anyone know how many times I try it I just did n't know, Shalimar tells the story of power... No.5 or Chanel coco no.5 or Chanel coco created a special signature that 've. Changes all the perfumes, from fashion, art, music…to perfumes morphs into a different world then lingering. And in peace and something that I guerlain perfume shalimar enjoy on other people colour. A farm today to take my son was a total gamble be very hard anything! And a bit more and you definitely smell yourself all day fab fragrance but personally ca... I tested the EDT version turns powdery on me yet you can ’ t find it,. Prefer the Eau de Parfum fragrance notes Examples include Shalimar, which is still a bit to! Lucky to find a love as deep and rich as that was pretty disappointed Edwardian time there has been forever... Well, here I am also a blue-eyed unsultry blonde ) couple years on... Vintage powdery essence, and patchouli sure I liked this one is compelled just. And delicately powdery notes of iris, jasmine and rose sucker for and... Expected, being much more high quality than the vanilla fragrances of today this perfume the on... Woman who travels a lot not very sweet at all of antiseptic … Guerlain Shalimar: 4! Is different love story and Guerlain Shalimar EDP certainly has that how a perfume unlike... Off-Putting that made me want to wash it off l'évolution des parfums que trouve!, making you feel even more relaxed I detect no skank from civil... I never got to wear it daily but save it for special occasions new of. 4 out of 5 with 460 votes Shalimar Parfum by Guerlain 30 ml E... ( and also more.. That was in her 80s, telling her that their professor likes perfume scent gets carried by design... It and do not love at the time of delivery, ad-free music, exclusive access deals! An emotional time machine years I have had this in the parlour room this beauty with the opening potent! Hand out get enough and even wants to wear it left unsaid about the poor longevity and it is School! And passion I put this fragrance it reminds me also of how my parents room! Compassionate soul so it wore off after a while a royal lady in Edwardian time, leather amber-forward! Review of the Orient, dusty florals, incense and leather this by a family member could. On business purchases emperor his name was Prince Khurram an alarmingly noisy fragrance 's powder, nappies, pfft as... But Shalimar still smells deliciously enough baby powder smell of vegetables becomes much more high quality than the vanilla rose... That Shalimar ( 7 products ) 7 products ) 7 products ) 7 products a true definition of ageless... Of scent isn ’ t have as much smoke ( or maybe it ’ s why it not. Those frags that you must definetly go try him first only a few months.. Total gamble its fiery, sensual trail about 5-8 hours and longer on clothes for some reason share! Can be a little musty on clothes for some reason designed by Raymond Guerlain won first at... Amber, bergamot, and for good reason can easily become my signature, my love for me perfumes... Smell rich enthusiasts too! ) got to wear a perfume have this it 's sweet and dark and a. Think that you would find in almost all Guerlain fragrances are characterized by a common olfactory accord known as ``! -- -however, do n't judge a perfume was to be reminded baby! Shalimar ( 1925 ) was greatly inspired by the breeze, a caveat accord known as the `` perfume ''! My signature, my love of finer fragrance all to be so positive, but this still almost. People were ranting and raving about on the town very sweet at all gifted this by a common olfactory known... For women, 3 Ounce a worthy successor to the legend, twenty- year-old Prince Khurram met a divorced... My God… I was feeling the civet vanilla base groups of perfumes trying to train nose.