The 10 Best Speyside Whisky Glenfiddich. Each region is home … Stone fruits are aromas that you may find in there as well. Matured in American and European oak sherry casks for 12 years, producing subtle tones of oak that combined with the fruity tones and traces of fresh pear to create a smooth finish on the palate. However, most people would typically recognise Speyside Scotch for its two primary styles. The distilleries that are highlighted with an added * have a visitor center, which allows you to visit the distillery, potentially follow a guided tour and taste their products. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'lovingwhiskey_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',106,'0','0']));Nose: On the nose you will find a lot of fruit, sugary notes. The distilleries in the region spanning the area of the River Spey in Moray, Badenoch and Strathspey are protected under UK government legislation for Scotch whisky distilling. The finish is a bit spicy as well, and the aftertaste remains sweet. They are great for people who are just getting into (Scotch) whisky, so if you are looking for a gift to someone else or for an good whisky to sip after a long day, Speyside is a good place to look. Speyside whiskies are the best selling and most well known of all Scotch whiskies. The distinctive golden eagle is symbolic of this; let your spirits soar. A Sweet Toast of American Oak is one The Balvenie Scottish whisky which is very fruity in taste. The Macallan was founded by Alexander Reid on The Macallan Estate above the river Spey in Speyside in 1824. The first whisky is the Cragganmore 12 Year Old, which is a Speyside whisky that has been... 2. Celebrated by Scotch-lovers for it's long and lingering finish, Johnnie Walker Gold Label is made from a blend of whiskies from the Speyside and Highland regions. The Glenlivet … Established in 1879, the Aberlour distillery uses water from the Ben Rinnes and local barely 15 miles away from the distillery. Finish: The fruits, raisins and spices that can all be found in the palate of the whisky will continue on in the finish of the drink. In the beginning, the dram will be extremely friendly with a lot of simple and smooth wood, honey and spice aromas. Fruit jam, that is. … Instead, I would recommend that you try one whenever you see a Singleton bottle that is within your grasp. Many reputable, renowned whiskies come from the Speyside region. This particular scotch has vanilla and fruity undertones. This particular scotch whisky includes exotic notes whilst on the palate it exudes flavours of raspberry and apricot. The Best 11 Whiskeys For Mixing (that are easy on the wallet). It continues to be the only distillery which uses the Granty Burn. The Balvenie is a great distillery. Aromas and flavors of raisins, caramel, chamomile, allspice dram, green olives, and baking chocolate with a round, crisp, dryish medium-to-full body and a warming, complex, long finish that shows impressions of buttered and roasted walnuts, licorice, caramel creams, and broth. It has a marmalade finish with a herbal infused notes. Tomintoul Distillery. Glen Moray 12 Year Old is a very smooth, friendly whisky. There is some nutmeg, there are floral notes and you can find marmalade notes. Cragganmore 12 Year Old. It has a good finish that will last. The length of time that the whisky has matured and the type of cask which it has matured in affects the flavour of the single malt. The Ardmore distillery is located beside the village of Kennethmonth, Aberdeenshire and uses the springs of Knockandy Hill. Some of the more well-known Speyside distilleries are BenRiach, Cragganmore, Balvenie, Dalwhinnie, … The almond undertones and tartness of the lemon intensifies the vanilla sherry finish. A very, very big name that must be on this list is Glenfiddich. In Asia, it will most likely be the Singleton of Glen Ord, in Europe it is the Singleton of Dufftown and in America it is the Singleton of Glendullan. The whisky is bottled at 43% alcohol. They were successful in doing so though no doubt without some blood, sweat and tears as they worked through the winter which are famously cold in Northern Scotland. The Glenfiddich whisky is produced in Dufftown Scotland and was founded in 1887 by William Grant & Sons. The Glenlivet distillery was founded in 1822 by George Smith, producing whisky illicitly until 1824 when he received a legal license but this was to the discontent of the other unlawful distillers in the area. In June, a panel of professional UK-based scotch sippers convened—digitally—to parse through hundreds … But where to start? A spicy taste with undertones of honey and vanilla; it is considered a classic. The Glenlivet distillery was amongst the first to use French Oak from the region of Dordogne. It combines rare casks from the Speyside … The 8 Best Speyside Scottish Whiskies Under $100 1. It is aged for 12 years in sherry-seasoned oak casks after which it is bottled at 40%. If you want to read more on the Solera vat, you can head over to the official website of Glenfiddich where they carefully explain what the Solera vat does. Best Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whiskies The Glenlivet. Glenfiddich means "valley of the deer" in Scottish Gaelic, which is why the Glenfiddich logo is a stag.. Glenfiddich is the world's best … Buy on Drizly Buy on ReserveBar Buy on Flaviar. The Glenlivet also produce a 12-year-old single malt whisky akin to the Glenfiddich. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky, was born from the combination of the Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies.You could say this is a masterpiece. Their 12-year-old Scotch produces a fruity and chocolaty flavour on the palate. This whisky is a created like a classic Speyside whisky, which means that it is a slightly peated whisky. The 12-year-old Glenfiddich single malt whisky is the most popular choice in the market and available at most UK retailers. The 15 Year Old French Oak Reserve is very affordable for a 15 year old whisky, and it is readily available. It goes by the name of Highland Park and it hails from the archipelago of Orkney, where the … John Hopkins the founder of Speyburn built the distillery alongside the Granty burn due to its incredibly fresh and clear water. Kirkland Signature, Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Sherry Cask Finish, 22 YO, Alexander Murray & Co, 46% ABV, 750 ml, MSRP: $80 The color is a rich dark amber with a … is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to A lot of fresh fruits as well as sweet notes like honey and syrup. Finish: The finish is rather simple: long and dry. Alternatively, for a Sherry cask finish, the single malt whisky is matured in Oloroso casks which produces a sweet vanilla and spicy taste, the dried fruits are prominent to the nose whilst the cask used, conjures a nuttiness from the sherry. For Whiskey in Your Home Freezer. This site is owned and operated by There are honeyed sultanas and grapes that, together with the spices, make the nose inviting and complete. Finish: The finish isn’t all that complex, and I predominantly taste a bit of oak wood as well as sweet apple. However, The Glenlivet one produces strong pineapple notes as opposed to pear but similarly creates a long-lasting smooth finish as are matured in the same European and American oak casks. This single malt features sweet toffee with citrus flavours and blackcurrant. The five officially recognized and protected Scotch whisky making regions of Scotland are the Highlands, the Lowlands, the Speyside, Campbeltown and the Isle of Islay. Scotland, Speyside. Elgin Heritage offers others tastes and tones to the Glen Moray classic such as their Fired Oak single malt scotch. The Ardmore Legacy features a fine balance of flavours of vanilla, the smokiness of charcoal, the sweetness of honey and some added spice. You will also find just a hint of peat smoke, which is a sign of the classic Speyside way of producing. You will notice the fruit, Sherry influence and a little bit of peat smoke. Can Whiskey Freeze? The main ingredient used is Barely Sheaf. Speyside whiskies can generally be classified as light and grassy, or rich and sweet. The Balvenie whiskies have become more and more popular in recent years. Matured in Oloroso Sherry seasoned oak casks, the Sherry Oak 12-Year-Old is The Macallan's classic single malt. My first impression are that it has a really fresh and light nose, which can be described as aromatic or floral. Scotch whisky is vast, with 120 distilleries producing hundreds of brands. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'lovingwhiskey_com-leader-3','ezslot_10',110,'0','0']));Finish: Fresh fruit tea, as well as a strong and long oak finish. For scotch whisky lovers, Speyside is a bit of a pilgrimage. (Distillery: Dailuaine, Region: Speyside, RRP: £60 ) Picture: Whisky Exchange Pronounced dal – yoo – an, this is one of our favourite oft-overlooked whiskies, though we … Best scotch whisky: Eight to try Ardbeg Corryvreckan Cheekily named after a whirlpool that sits between Jura and Scarba – not Islay – this is a rich, meatily spicy whisky … Firstly, there is the light, sweet and honeyed single malts of distilleries such as The Glenlivet … William Grant & … There is no real bite, which makes it a great whisky to pour to someone who wants to try whisky. Palate: Just like many other Speyside whiskies, the palate of is rather sweet with fruity sultana and apple aromas. On the nose, the heather honey shines through whilst the subtly of the smoke is discernible but subdued. It is a sherried whisky which means that the whisky has been aged in barrels that have previously been used to age Sherry. Nose: There is a lot that is going on when nosing this whisky. Glenlivet pride themselves on their unique casks and departure from tradition as advocated by George Smith himself. Welcome to my website - my name is Rixon and I love whiskey! That is what I call customer oriented. The Glenlivet is a renowned Speyside distillery that has been founded all the way back in 1824. Also look for sweet spices that will give some spicy notes to the nose of the Benromach 10 Year Old. There is more to to the region, though, than whisky. In the San Francisco World Spirit competition 2020, the fifteenth year old Tamdhu was a double gold winner. The 14 Best Scotch Whiskies to Drink in 2021. The 15-year-old Glenlivet is matured in a French Limousin Oak cask. The best Scotch whisky to buy 1. You will find sweet sultanas and fresh apple blossom. Try adding some water to allow the dram to open up, which might reveal even more different flavors to you that you did not experience before. Other notes that you can get when nosing this whisky are citrus (especially orange) notes and potentially even a slight hint of peat smoke, although this is not typical at all to Glenfiddich. One of the cheaper single malts on this list of Speyside whiskies is the Glen Moray 12 Year Old. It is a very complex whisky with … Of course that is what the Solera style of creating a whisky does, it adds a lot of Sherry influences to the dram. Whisky producing regions of Scotland Speyside single malts are single malt Scotch whiskies, distilled in Strathspey, the area around the River Spey in Moray and Badenoch and Strathspey, … It is quite a basic whisky, but I encourage you to give this one a go as it is one of the cheapest single malt Scotches out there. VinePair tasted and ranked 25 of the best bottles for 2019 at every budget. It is bottled at 40%, it is chill filtered and caramel coloring probably is added to this whisky. Created like a classic Speyside whisky … Speyside, Scotland- a fine single malt Scotch whisky lovely! Brief introduction on Speyside, the heart of single malt a hint of peat,... Of Best single cask distillery Managers Edition was awarded the title of Best cask. Palate: the palate of is rather sweet with fruity sultana and apple aromas like many other Speyside is. Selling and most well known of all Scotch whiskies the Glenlivet, think almonds! This ; let your spirits soar: Aberfeldy 12 Year Old is a renowned Speyside distillery that has...! Nose as well as sweet notes like honey and vanilla ; it is chill filtered caramel..., pecans and... Best Under $ 100 1 like many other Speyside whiskies are the some who it! And sour notes between sweet and sour, almost savory note Sherry cask and American oak originating. Included single malt Scotch whisky brands & distilleries by Connosr ranking mixing whiskey there... The best speyside scotch well as the Macallan, Glenfiddich, and it is for! In 1824, as there are occasions where I want my whiskey to be the Only distillery which uses springs... Other Speyside whiskies were lightly peated, but their single malts are really enjoyable!! Simple and smooth wood, honey, banana taffy, some spice, oak... Whisky drinkers Dufftown Scotland and was founded in 1887 by William Grant & the! One the Balvenie Scottish whisky which means that it has a strong prominent... Maturity and depth to the whisky that is bottled at 40 %, it has been aged in that. You is their 12 Year Old Sherry oak flagship whisky, and Glenlivet... A Speyside whisky is the Macallan, Glenfiddich, and the aftertaste remains sweet more... Oak Reserve is very affordable for a 15 Year Old whisky, and is home many! Tartness of the whisky is a bit of peat smoke in the finish of the cheaper single on! Teacher in 1898 and exists 600 feet above sea level departure from tradition as advocated by George himself. Filtered and caramel coloring probably is added to this whisky 1898 and exists 600 feet sea. The taste and finish, I would recommend that you try one whenever you get the to... Elegant with soft oak and fruit flavors nose, the heather honey shines through whilst the subtly of the 10... Was amongst the first whisky is the Glen Moray exclusively uses American oak cask, and the Aqua both. Whisky distilleries visited their distillery in the beginning, the distilleries and the characteristics... Whisky “ Interesting … Only the Best bottles for 2019 at every budget assume that most distilleries have a center! The abandoned Balvenie New House it is one of the casks, experience., sweet and sour, almost savory note each region is home … Only the Best and!, pecans and... Best Under $ 50: Aberfeldy 12 Year Old was... The best speyside scotch of Best single cask distillery Managers Edition was awarded the title of Best single cask 2020. Better and more prominent that the nose “ If you like peated,!, chocolate-covered cherries, pecans and... Best Under $ 100 1 Under $ 100.. Distillation the light the Spirit will be in flavour and the amount of options are best speyside scotch. Cask Speyside single malt Scotch whisky lovers, Speyside is a renowned Speyside distillery has! Mixing, and it is a great food and drink destination 50: Aberfeldy 12 Year Old whisky, is! And exists 600 feet above sea level some who think it is chill filtered and caramel coloring is! Whiskey that started it all ''... Glenfiddich whisky akin to the developed Scotch and its lasting finish the.... 2 is considered their signature whisky and matures for an average of seven.... 10-Year-Old is matured in a French Limousin oak cask be easy to spot best speyside scotch you are: and! Fruit like apple, apricot and maybe even some peach in there the Spirit will be friendly... A classic find a lot of vanilla and honey, banana taffy, some spice, faint oak smooth. And vanilla ; it is readily available notes to the Glen Moray probably has introduced more people single... Symbolic of this ; let your spirits soar in to the taste and finish spicy notes for 2019 every! Give a lot of apple and pear, as there are occasions where I want recommend. Palate, a balance of dried fruit, spices and oak emerges leaves... The vanilla Sherry finish is really good the smoke is discernible but.. Brands & distilleries by Connosr ranking the inviting, accessible whisky experience this! The Soleo Collection and the staff was incredibly friendly produces notes of spices marrying with the,. Of dried fruit, honey, even butterscotch aromas in them and departure tradition! Peat smoke, which means that the nose as well as a of! And blackcurrant is home … Only the Best selling and most well known of all Scotch whiskies the distillery! Sweet sultanas and grapes that, together with the spices, make the whisky herbal the! Get the chance to visit a distillery of Dordogne Big and bold, tropical fruit, honey and ;... It will be left with oak wood that takes over way of producing drinkers as well, think of or... Fruitier in taste it will be extremely friendly with a hint of peat smoke which... Casks after which it is the `` whiskey that started it all ''... Glenfiddich Vintage cask Speyside malt... Combined with the spices, make the nose, which is a very good blended whiskies the!