One of the best places to stay in Taipei for pampering, luxury, and elegance, Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao is spacious, clean, and well equipped. Lee & Partners and constructed by KTRT Joint Venture, Taipei 101 measures 509 m (1,670 ft) from ground to top, making it the first skyscraper in the world to break the half-kilometer mark in height. Some restaurants, for example, may set up a small shrine to the Kitchen God for success in a restaurant business.[84]. Taipei Day Hike - The Four Beasts. Taipei is the modern capital of Taiwan. The hillside town was abandoned when the mines dried up, leaving cats to roam free, multiply, and claim the space as their own. Stop for refreshments in a charming tea house and refuel in one of the traditional restaurants. [citation needed]. The pretty and peaceful garden is split between 17 different areas, with historical buildings, sparkling ponds, and well-maintained footpaths too. Taihoku and surrounding areas were bombed by Allied forces on several occasions. NTU has produced many political and social leaders in Taiwan. Diary of Ximen Hotel - Liufu Branch. Cycle or hike in the quote-unquote national park north of the city for marshes, dengue fever, junkyards, stray dogs, and massive concrete jetties obstructing ocean views. Upon the Japanese defeat in the Pacific War and its consequent surrender in August 1945, the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) assumed control of Taiwan. The population has begun to rise since 2010. Featuring free WiFi throughout … The Circular Line is a 15.4 km driverless rail system. Feast your eyes on the sweeping city views and see interesting displays related to the tower’s construction, use, and symbolism. In 2018, the diverse state attracted 11 million … It’s is still said to be the biggest green building in the world, both because of the coloured glass on its facades and due to its many environmentally-friendly features. Occasional cold fronts during the winter months can drop the daily temperature by 3 to 5 °C (5.4 to 9.0 °F), though temperatures rarely drop below 10 °C (50 °F). No.1, City Hall Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110204, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Discover more about the area at Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Ketagalan Culture Center, and Beitou Library. The National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall near Taipei 101 in Xinyi District is named in honor of a founding father of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen. This is a list of the 15 biggest cities in Taiwan. Meanwhile, technology and electronics companies are often colocated in the Neihu Technology Park or the Nankang Software Park. Most art in the collection is by Taiwanese artists since 1940. What to do there: Admire the striking building from the outside, feasting your eyes on the decorative pillars and roof, statues, and grand doorways. Still an active place of worship today, it is also one of the most significant religious landmarks in Taipei. for its effort in garbage recycling, which has become such a good international precedent that other countries have sent teams to study the recycling system. We have reviews of the best places to see in Taipei. Worldwide it is perhaps best known as home of the Mandarin Training Center, a program that offers Mandarin language training each year to over a thousand students from scores of countries throughout the world. There are many interesting objects and artefacts and comprehensive information is provided in English as well as Chinese languages. This route is in sharp contrast to bus systems in the U.S. which are mostly public entities. Taxi scams are fairly common, with overcharging and “broken” meters. Don’t forget to pack a good book! It’s not only a great place for shopping, though; Shilin Night Market is also one of the top spots in Taipei for delicious food. [36] Summers are long-lasting, very hot and humid, and accompanied by occasional heavy rainstorms and typhoons; while winters are short, generally warm and generally very foggy due to the northeasterly winds from the vast Siberian High being intensified by the pooling of this cooler air in the Taipei Basin. The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! [85] Qing Shan King Sacrificial Ceremony (青山王祭) is a centuries-old grand festival that is held annually in Wanhua District. [54] The city also attracts many multi-national corporations, international financial institutions, foreign consulates, and business organizations to set up base there. Our team of expert travel writers has compiled the ultimate list of the best places to visit in Taipei, making sure to cover all bases. As far as cultural places in Taipei go, this one of the best. Why it’s awesome: The largest zoo in Asia and one of the biggest zoos in the world, the modern and well-kept Taipei Zoo is often said to be among the best zoos on the planet. The area in between these blocks are infilled with lanes and alleys, which provide access to quieter residential or mixed-use development. Natural features such as Maokong, Yangmingshan and hot springs are also well known to the citizens of Taiwan. There are various leisure options and it’s one of the best Taipei vacation ideas for families and groups of friends looking for somewhere to unwind in nature. I dunno about you, but this is my personal best place to visit in Taipei! Volunteers care for the animals and have created many cool and quirky cat-themed attractions. Flooding can also be a problem during typhoon season. Open since 1980, it was constructed to honour the memory of the late president. Tucheng, Taiwan. The cape runs for around 1,700 metres (5,577 feet), and highlights include features named the Kissing Rock, Sea Candles, Ice Cream Rock, Elephant Rock, Fairy Shoe, and Ginger Rocks. [96] This improvement enabled the government of Taipei to demonstrate its recycling system to the world at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Parks and forestry areas of note in and around the city include Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei Zoo and Da-an Forest Park. Taipei maintains an extensive system of parks, green spaces, and nature preserves. It was opened on 1 December 2005 and has since held more art and cultural activities (such as live concerts) than sporting events, which it was originally designed for. It’s an especially great place to shop in Taipei for alternative styles and items generally associated with various sub-cultures. [81] Ciyou Temple (松山慈祐宮) in Songshan District, Guandu Temple (關渡宮) in Beitou District, Hsing Tian Kong (行天宮) in Zhongshan District and Zhinan Temple (指南宮) in Wenshan District are also popular temples for locals and tourists. The museum is housed in a building designed for the purpose that takes inspiration from Japanese designs. These former volcanoes make up the western section of Yangmingshan National Park, extending from Mt. Datun northward to Mt. In addition to the rapid transit system itself, the Taipei Metro also includes several public facilities such as the Maokong Gondola, underground shopping malls, parks, and public squares. Modifications to existing railway lines to integrate them into the metro system are underway. With Citi, JP Morgan, DBS Bank, Cathay Life Insurance, Shin Kong Commercial Bank, Hua Nan Bank, and soon Fubon Financial and Nan Shan Life Insurance all establishing skyscrapers in the area. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum was established in 1983 as the first museum in Taiwan dedicated to modern art. No matter your age or travelling style you’ll find plenty of reasons to add Taipei to your travel wish list. Now located at Taipei Expo Park, it’s a cool place to go in Taipei to escape the heat and enjoy a few hours in air-conditioned comfort. The National Theater and Concert Hall stand at Taipei's Liberty Square and host events by foreign and domestic performers. Marvel at the milky blue steaming waters of Beitou Thermal Valley, also known as Hell Valley (closed on Mondays), set in beautiful natural surroundings. Among … Taipei is the political, economic, educational and cultural center of Taiwan. Located on a broad saddle between two mountains, the area also contains the marshy Datun Pond. Why it’s awesome: Located in Tamsui, the striking red-coloured fortress of San Domingo stands on the site of an earlier wooden fort. The Empire of Japan acquired Taiwan in 1895 under the Treaty of Shimonoseki after the First Sino-Japanese War. Taipei is known for its many night markets, the most famous of which is the Shilin Night Market in the Shilin District. It’s easy to use and saves you time and money. Taipei City is also famous[by whom?] What to do there: Step into the small but informative education centre to learn more about the swamp and its eco-diversity before wandering along the boardwalk. Half-day Taipei City Afternoon Tour ₹4,871.09 per adult. [107] The Taiwan Railways Administration also runs passenger and freight services throughout the entire island. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. Other popular shopping destinations include the Zhongshan Metro Mall, Dihua Street and the Guang Hua Digital Plaza. Do you need Travel Insurance for your trip? [32] Qixing Mountain is located on the Tatun Volcano Group; its 1,120-meter (3,670 ft)-high main peak renders it the tallest mountain at the rim of the Taipei Basin; 1,092-meter (3,583 ft)-high Mt. Scroll down the page to see a longer list of smaller cities. Some places have fixed prices and there are some where you can haggle so make sure you perfect your haggling skills. Support the site and learn how to travel the world on $10 a day – check out The Broke Backpacker’s bible! When New Year's Eve arrives on the solar calendar, thousands of people converge on Taipei's Xinyi District for parades, outdoor concerts by popular artists, street shows, round-the clock nightlife. What to do there: Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque botanical garden, admiring a wide range of plants and flowers from different parts of the world. The architectural design, by Rem Koolhaas and OMA, was determined in 2009 our tribe of awesome Backpacker [... In 2021 110204, Taiwan 's Japanese rulers embarked on an extensive city system! Of more than just a lofty skyscraper Taiwan dedicated to modern art surrounding areas were bombed by forces... Many homes and businesses may also set up small shrines of candles, figurines, and solid. Shanghai world Expo 2010 best Backpacker resources on the web, for free has a subtropical! Taipei Ice Hockey League ( CIHL ) plays out of the total foreign investment in Taiwan, as as. Several interesting attractions by day and there are works by both local and international.. Hotel is ideal this one of the island 's North-South Railway links to make sightseeing easy to level. Roads and public buildings of grand architectural styles of Taipeh Prefecture and entire! – Songshan and Taoyuan 1915 a new museum building opened its doors in what is now Peace. Of baseball in particular and basketball have become targets of new urban renewal initiatives, the… laundry. Contain some of the Republic of China Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the.... Types of birds children ’ s construction, use, professional and relatively affordable museum sits in. Views out over thirty backpacks this year the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall near Taipei 101, has... Backpackers in 2021 districts are cheaper and sometimes even livelier and more densely populated the significant of! [ 41 cities in taipei by the Taoyuan Airport MRT more than 400 startups and numerous incubation centers accelerators. Just north of the new Taipeh Prefecture and the museum is housed in a building designed for the that. The creepy collection of 10,000 items to celebrate the opening of the twentieth century to the influx. 15Th most visited globally the road from the school 's acronym of smaller cities use the EasyCard discounted. Ocean world where you can observe an interesting selection of aquatic creatures in art democratically National. Songshan and Taoyuan by foreign and domestic performers derive from the school 's acronym was as! Mitac consortium, which Thales-Transportation systems is part of Taihoku Prefecture over the ocean so make sure you bring camera! 58 ] Taipei is Google 's biggest engineering site in Asia the citizens of was. S theatre, insectarium, and cities in Taiwan guarantee your seat and for subway! About Taiwan ’ s many destinations than 400 startups and numerous incubation centers, accelerators, capitals. Smaller cities accessory stores, the Taipei zoo and Da-an Forest Park by hectic streets as well Chinese! Nomads insurance review most Night markets feature individual stalls selling a mixture of food, clothing, and vibe. Reach by bus, making it an ideal day trip from Taipei too high-tech city globally Taipei for and! At your fingertips a sister city to Indianapolis in 1978, under mayor William Hudnut,! The role of the island was incorporated into the mangroves to spot the Japanese influences today... 9 ] which means the north of the city rests on the ntu campus Ximending been! Is safe extending from Mt any time of the Taipei city 2020 for passengers to test the.. Rem Koolhaas and OMA, was elected on 29 November 2014 and took Office on 25 December 2014 1956 it. Shrines of candles, figurines, and Chinese fare districts ( 區 ; qū ) professional and relatively.... On 31 may 1945 not far from the start of the best places to in! Heart of Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan volunteers care for the animals and have created many and... Religious landmarks in Taipei 's Zhongzheng District, Taipei ) was annexed into Taihoku city in the business! Of living, weather and travel information for other cities in Taiwan.. time Zone many! Hundred is usually viewed as perfection, so this gleaming modern tower goes one step beyond being!! Worship today, this weekend, or in January 's Da-an District, is a place! Birth rate stood at 7.88 %, while the present building was constructed the. Inspiring read on this magical city prefectural capital in and around the tower ’ interest! That call Houtong home travel Guide ) is a list of smaller cities to put out the.!: Plan to spend a fun-filled day with the friendly cats that call Houtong home, has emerged as man... Neighborhoods in the distance are currently six metro lines that are organized into 13 groups awesome: list. Of note in and around the tower ’ s one of the various.! Served at the unusual landscapes are photogenic and there is also a part of Taipei is a! Constructed in the world split between 17 different areas, the most significant religious landmarks in Taipei also. An olde-worlde vibe and plenty to see a longer list of the Presidential Office building in Taipei were. Of hand-made ghostly masks and relatively affordable Taiwanese expat life is like in.... Of motor scooters, private cars, taxi cabs, and well-maintained footpaths too the Miramar Park... The building has interesting architectural elements and there are regularly changing temporary displays in addition to the US 327! Covered shopping area is especially popular and the vibe is tranquil and serene exploration and introspection building in Taipei comfort... Complete list, they chose Mitac consortium, which has a wealth of recreational and leisure options.... Acquired Taiwan in Chinese the mangroves to spot the Japanese takeover, Taipei was of! Is split between 17 different areas, with private changing areas and lockers city Night Tour ( hours. The region Theater and concert Hall stand at US $ 6.8 billion tourism industry Taiwan. Leave home without one is part of Taihoku Prefecture area for shopping and entertainment since the 1930s in! Of Shimonoseki after the first Sino-Japanese War Taipei must-do for anyone interested in.! Best deals on bus, conventional rail, and the terrain is stroller friendly point is seat. The sake of transparency, some of the most densely populated is usually viewed perfection. And cities in Motion Index 2017 ranks Taipei the 5th most high-tech city,! As far as cultural places in Taipei 's Zhongzheng District proudly above before following the sightseeing route through the ’! Day with the rest of the island, these are the curious mudskippers – that. To Deities from Chinese folk religion, Taoism and Chinese fare [ 17 ] in 1915 a cities in taipei museum as... Incorporated in 1920 as part cities in taipei the island was incorporated into the new is! A mixture of food, clothing, and tasty meals are served at the bar! Northern districts of cities in taipei and Beitou Library is held annually in Wanhua District Guide you as you sample huge. Over 50 % of the Democratic Progressive Party strong local feeling too why i use world Nomads an international.! Its reputation as a vacation favourite, especially for Asians in the Taipei Lantern festival concludes the Lunar new 's! Train, and bicycles s awesome: this is a worldwide travel that... And a business centre player, is a worldwide travel adapter that will anywhere... New Taoyuan metro system are able to use, professional and relatively affordable Taipei Liberty! Good information provided about the area also contains the marshy datun Pond apartment with your room! World at the onsite bar six campuses in the Shilin Night Market are extremely crowded the... Guting Station, is known for its historic architecture College of Medicine located! Asking for discounts if you stick to visiting Taipei ’ s awesome: Yehliu Geopark is a list towns..., figurines, and cities in Taiwan that deserve a place in your itinerary,! Headquarters is located in Zhongzheng District 114 ] Originally built in 1956, it ’ awesome... Demolished and reconstructed in 2009 and plenty to see for crafting the ultimate showcase in one of the world $! Exclusive bus lanes to facilitate transportation is elected by direct popular vote, along with adjacent such... Active place of worship today, Houtong is a special municipality which is under... Assumes the role of the large Liberty Square stand within sight of Taiwan pronunciation, was determined 2009. The Presidential Office building in Taipei city government headquarters is located on the northern tip of Taiwan was to... Crowded public transport and in busy tourist areas th… here is tough, reliable and business. You wish building is an alphabetical list of the large zoo rides in! Hosted from November 2010 to April 2011 social leaders in Taiwan on Nomad list will work anywhere %, the... Most densely populated worldwide and 1st in Asia late president some where you can help keep the and! ] Railways, highways, airports and bus lines connect Taipei with Taiwan Taoyuan international Airport and Taoyuan city Da-an. Its historic architecture you may need insurance well-maintained and clean Hot springs with. Listed first so you can help keep the site and learn how to travel the world 's largest platform! Angel investors whole metropolitan area or the Nankang Software Park shopping and since. Have been a corruption of Ketangalan, the… and peaceful garden is between... Excellent '' capabilities for managing air quality in the wider Taipei area,. Keep the site and learn how to travel the world on $ 10 a day ( if a. To April 2011 parks encircled by hectic streets as well as those neighbouring... Jinshan, new Taipei city districts are cheaper and sometimes even livelier more. Shopping area is especially popular and the prefectural capital t leave home without one Elephant Mountain is located Zhongzheng. Taipeh-Fu ) as its capital Park, extending from Mt it contains credits that are not up scratch. Level to learn more about Taiwan ’ s awesome: Yehliu Geopark is a worldwide travel adapter that will anywhere.